Linda M. Alessandri

Pastor and Partner in Ministry

Pastor Alessandri began her calling as pastor of Haven Lutheran Church in January 2007. She had previously served as a pastor at Atonement Lutheran Church (St. Louis, MO). Before attending Trinity Lutheran Seminary (Columbus, OH,) she served as Christian Education and Youth Director at Second English Lutheran Church (Baltimore, MD). Prior to that, she was a seventh and eighth grade teacher in Baltimore Catholic schools.

How does she envision her role as pastor at Haven? “I will walk, wonder, work and serve with you on God’s Way. I will lift God’s promise, vision and hope in Word and Sacrament, in conversations and meetings, in our celebrations and struggles. I pray we grow in confidence and curiosity as we walk with Christ and one another, wondering together, ‘What does the life-giving Lord have in mind for us?’ I will pray our trust and love of God becomes ever more powerful than any uncertainty, weariness of fear… and that we grow more bold, fearless and joyful in our gospel service and living.”


Mary Grabill

Administrative Assistant

Stephen Pastena

Organist/Choir Director

Nancy Newkirk

Bell Choir Director