About Us

Haven began as a Lutheran mission congregation in 1953  to serve a growing population in north Hagerstown. Worship services were first held at the chapel at Rest Haven Cemetery in April 1953. Haven Lutheran Church was officially organized on December 6, 1953 with 104 confirmed charter members.

On April 11, 1954 the congregation voted to purchase the property that had been the Children’s Hospital on Haven Road. After renovations, the first worship service in the new facilities was held on June 19, 1955. A parsonage was built in 1956. Adjoining property to Pennsylvania Avenue was acquired during 1960-62 as a gift from Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Schreiber.

With growing numbers and needs, the congregation renovated its original building and added an educational building. That completed work was dedicated in January 17, 1965.

A new sanctuary and gathering space was built in 1979 and dedicated in 1980. The warm and beautiful worship space is arranged like a Greek cross, with the congregation and choir facing one another as they gather around the altar in the center. It also is designed to be a wonderful venue for concerts, like our annual Christmas Concert held in conjunction with Rest Haven Cemetery ‘s Christmas luminaries.

Haven Lutheran Church remains the youngest Lutheran church in Hagerstown. The congregation is part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (organized in 1988). Currently there are 189 confirmed members at Haven Church. Average weekly worship attendance is 100.