Sunday School

At this time we are having God’s Explorers for our children’s Sunday program.  

Please look at the calendar and our Haven Messenger (Newsletter) for up to date information.

Another Year of Exploration Journeys has arrived!

We start a new year, Explorers! “Adventures in Jesus Stories” is our theme.

Your Explorer assignment this year: discover the message each of Jesus’ stories

has for you!

Come to the “Explorers’ Camp” Sunday School room for a “Jesus is Our Rock Adventure.”

What message will Jesus reveal to you through activities, crafts, music and partnership with other

explorers? Come find out!

Masks are optional. We ask that a parent or grandparent attend with our

preschoolers to help us make the most of our diverse-aged group of explorers.

Please see the Haven Messenger (Newsletter) for the most up to date information on this children’s program.